When Isn’t it Funny?

So for the past decade or so I have spent way too much time posting, writing, or thinking about funny things. Most of the time these things are amusing stories, irrational thoughts, and the occasional non sequitur.

Today the question is “When Isn’t it Funny?” Where is the line.

More than once my wife Ann has texted me and made it clear I must immediately take down a post or comment made here, or on one of YFSHAS’s media pages, or on the refrigerator calendar, wherever. My response is always “I was just trying to be funny.” (TM) I haven’t actually trademarked that statement but I’m going to one of these days.

Comedians, Late-Night Hosts, News Anchors, and Politicians have all gotten themselves into trouble “just trying to be funny.” Who could forget Damon Wayans, or Gilbert Gottfried, or Jennifer Aniston, or Johnny Depp, or Kathy Griffin, or anyone who has ever told a joke in public. AUTHORS NOTE: I forgot about all of these people.

There have been a few statements made in the last few days that almost require a joke be made, such as…


While you don’t have to be a life-long Red Sox fan to laugh at the Yankess expense, it helps. To the best of my knowledge no one has died due to this particular joke at the expense of Kim Jong-un, although I’m sure someone was put to death for showing the “Trump and Jong-un flip hairstyles” meme.


I’m fairly certain the North Korean dictator was also mad about this photo.

Then there was the white supremest rally in Virginia which would be great to poke fun at BUT some of the protesters of the protesters were killed when an individual protesting the protesting of the protesters (that isn’t even a joke), who was even more unstable than the young men with Tiki torches from the Christmas Tree Shop, drove his car into the crowd, killing actual, real-life, human beings.


So despite this photo crying out for a joke, should it get one? Where does comedy draw the line? When is too far too far? Why all these question marks?


2 thoughts on “When Isn’t it Funny?

  1. The fascists that showed up in Charlottesville are just too despicable to be funny although in another context they would surely be fodder for some horse’s ass sort of humor.


    1. Ken, although I don’t disagree with your evaluation of fascism, I would argue that horses ass humor is the true force that negates evil. It does not dismiss it as “evil light” or just silly. True humor shines a light on the preposterous nature of people’s thoughts, claims, and feelings without the need for violence or hatred. Thank you for having the moral fortitude to express your feelings on the subject here. That was my goal.

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