Wonder Woman


So the talk this month is all about women. International Women’s Day, or a Day Without a Woman. Women protesting statements by POTUS, and less we forget, the previews for the newest action movie from DC Comics, Wonder Woman.

Played this time around by Gal Gadot, the former Miss Israel and Israeli Defense Force soldier. While men of a certain age, somewhere between 13 and 105, are waiting for the newest iteration of the Amazonian princess with the same excitement level we had as kids at Christmas, others aren’t so thrilled.

Ann: “What are you cheering about in there?”
Kire: “The new Wonder Woman trailer. It looks awesome.”
Ann: “It looks ridiculous, like she always looks.”
Kire: “How can you say that? Wonder Woman is strong, heroic, and a great role model for girls.”
Ann: “She’s a pin-up doll fighting crime in the most inconvenient costume ever. Who could feel empowered running around in their star-spangled bra and panties.”
Kire: “Maybe it’s to show that women don’t need to be ashamed of their bodies.”
Ann: “I don’t care about her body. I care about the fact that you couldn’t throw a kick in those bottoms without a cheek flying out or having it ride up uncomfortably. What are those, satin? Not practical.”
Kire: “She’s got good boots.”
Ann: “Woefully inadequate to chase down criminals. They have a three-inch chunk heels. You’re going to twist your ankle running and jumping in those. She’s not a stripper, she’s a superhero.”
Kire: “Any issues with the magic lasso?”
Ann: “Got to give her props on the lasso. It’s great, but the invisible plane? How are you going to find it when you park it. Do you just keep pressing the alarm button and follow the noise? I can’t even find my Jeep in the supermarket parking lot. If it was an invisible Jeep, it would be a lost cause.”
Kire: “You seem to have given this a lot of thought.”
Ann: “Actually, until you mentioned it I never really thought about Wonder Woman.”
Kire: “She wasn’t a hero to you growing up?”
Ann: “I was a hero to me growing up. Same as now.”

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