Stick It to the Man

“School is a safe environment”, said no one who has ever been in a school. A school is full of danger; be it from other students, from professionals with predilections, or from dodge balls in gym class. Not to mention text books dropped down stairwells. Basically school is a castle that is under siege daily like a battle from Game of Thrones.

Ann: “James is already in trouble and school hasn’t even started.”
Kire: “What?”
Ann: “Just got a text from the Dean of Discipline.”
Kire: “First off, there’s a Dean of Discipline? Secondly, he texts you?”
Ann: “I’m on speed dial.”
Kire: “What did he do now?”
Ann: “Apparently he was poking another child with the attendance stick.”
Kire: “I’m more confused then ever. What’s an attendance stick?”
Ann: “I have no idea. I didn’t want to ask.”
Kire: “So to recap, it’s 7:52 am, the Dean of Discipline is your BFF, and our child is the living embodiment of Vlad the Impaler.”
Ann: “I don’t think you need to be like that.”
Kire: “I just don’t understand. Why would they give him a stick in the first place and why on God’s green earth would his first inclination be to stab someone with it?”
Ann: “What else would you do with a stick?”
Kire: “Well, at least I now understand why he would shank someone before class.”
Ann: “Hey, he may look like you, but that boy is my clone.”