So Tired of Fighting, I’m Pooped


Love hurts in the Sdyor house.

Kire: “Ow! What the fuck are you punching me there for?”
Ann: “Did you poop?”
Kire: “What?”
Ann: “You’re supposed to poop your pants immediately after being punched in the armpit.”
Kire: “Are you a child? Did you pick this up at the playground today?”
Ann: “It’s a well established fact.”
Kire: “How did you come by this fact?”
Ann: “James (Age 14) tried it on me the other day. He was really dissapointed it didn’t work. I felt it was because I tightened up when I saw the punch coming. I figured you’d be easier to experiment on.”
Kire: “Sorry to let you down.”
Ann: “It’s alright. Like any good scientific theory I’ll just keep trying until I find just the correct amount of energy needed.”
Kire: “So in the name of science you’re going to punch me until I deficate?”
Ann: “I was going to keep punching you anyway. The fact that it’s in the name of science is just an added bonus.”
Kire: “So if I do deficate you’ll stop? It might be worth it.”
Ann: “Oh, I won’t stop. After it happens once I’ll need to replicate my experiment and then anytime we have a group around and my prize winning punch experiment comes up I’ll need to demonstrate and then sometimes just because it would be fun and …”

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