Rhyming and Scheming

Photo by Pannonnique at Morguefile.com
Photo by Pannonnique at Morguefile.com

Last year, social media attempted to bury us under a heap of damaged feelings and faulty opinions. Many people fought back, filling their streams with cute pictures of cats or inspirational quotes.

This year I will be filling my feed with funny stories and sarcastic comments. So, just like last year. I had hoped to try something new but quickly realized I wasn’t prepared for such a radical shift.

Dad: “I think for the new year
the blog needs more poetry.”
James (Age 14): “I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

Dad: “Poetry. The telling of ideas
by the use of distinctive style and rhythm.”
James: “I’m trying to listen but my thoughts are straying.”

Dad: “We’ll start with a song lyric.
What the world needs now is love, sweet love.
James: “I have nothing to say. My own opinion I’m keeping.”

Dad: “Haven’t they taught you Iambic pentameter in school
or a little Alliteration?”
James: “I might have been soundly and softly sleeping.”

Dad: “What about a Heroic couplet
such as Chaucer’s The Knight’s Tale?”
James: “It was a movie. right? There were swords and slaying.”

Dad: “Have you heard of any poetic terms?
How about Onomatopoeia?”
James: “Oh snap! No, I was wrong. I not picking up what you’re laying.”

Dad: “What about Haiku? You know,
lines of five, seven, and five syllables.
James: “Thought I almost understood what you meant.”

Dad: “A nursery rhyme?
A limerick?
James: “Oh, I got one! There once was a young man from Kent…”

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