Regardless of what your political affiliation is, this U.S. Presidential election has polarized the nation.
We haven’t had an election like this since 2008, when the first African-American President was elected, or the 2000 election, when the popular vote didn’t elect the President, or…well you get the idea. American politics is usually polarizing, always contentious, and occasionally embarrassing.
Meanwhile in the Sdyor house, lines are being drawn. The Democrats are supporting the first female Presidential candidate, the Libertarian is just hoping for real change, the Socialist feels disenfranchised, and the Anarchist has hitched his wagon to the Republican nominee just to watch the world burn.
James (Age 13): “Women should just stay in the kitchen and make me food.”
Olympia (Age 17): “How’s your death wish?”
Mom: “Do we need to be barefoot while we slave for you?”
James: “You could wear slippers if you wanted to.”
Mom: “I’m pretty sure I was around while you were being raised. Where is this line of thought coming from?”
James: “Trump! He’s gonna make America great again.”
Dad: “When did American stop being great?”
James: “Right around the time women got the right to vote.”
Olympia: “I am going to pretend this dinner never happened.”
 James: “Look, Trump has a lot of great ideas about how to create an ideal America.”
Dad: “While destroying the rest of the world? What about Asia, Africa and Europe?”
James: “It doesn’t matter. I’m never visiting those countries anyway.”
Olympia: “Do you even listen to yourself when you speak?”
James: “Of course not. I just speak my mind and to hell with the consequences. That’s the American way.”
Olympia: “So now you’ve proven you’re ignorant, and a misogynist.”
James: “I’m not stupid and I have never given anyone a massage.”
Olympia: “That’s not what…”
James: “‘MERICA!”

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