So right before I committed blogging suicide and stopped paying for a website, I promised to go out and find you ways to save and make money. I had no idea how to do that but I believe in the old western proverb “jump and the net will appear.” So here I am, with a blog site that doesn’t quite work yet, a hosting site that really doesn’t do what it promises yet, and a fan base that has no idea where I am or what I am doing (Don’t sweat it. I’m me and have never let having no idea what I am doing stop me. It just REALLY slows me down).

All that being said, I couldn’t wait until I worked out all the ghosts in the machine to share this with you this; Bev/RAGE (

I stumbled across this new app just in time. I was thirsty. I was also breathing. That is a terrible combination and one that has led to bar fights, bankruptcies, and destabilization of small countries.

It’s so simple that even a caveman can do it. I know from firsthand usage.

Step 1:

Download the Bev/RAGE app to your smart phone. Authors note: If my phone was that smart it would figure out how to steal power and stay charged all the time. Until it becomes sentient and fights to not die, I am not impressed.

Step 2:

Drink somewhere they itemize your receipt. I’m thinking a chain restaurant or a Japanese public vending machine. The only thing the Japanese love more than buying beer from a public vending machine is accounting.

Step 3:

Open the Bev/RAGE app and drink whatever they are offering. Seriously, it’s FREE booze. What do you care what it is? Put personal tastes aside and drink for FREE baby!

Step 4:

Check the app once in a while since you can’t believe an app is buying a drink for you.

Step 4 1/2:

Oh! It gets better. My Dos Equis cost $4.23. Bev/RAGE sent $5.00 directly to my PayPal account for drinking it. I’m not a Rocket Scientist but I’m pretty sure that’s a good deal! I know, I know, Rocket Scientists aren’t Accountants but it’s so much more fun being a Rocket Scientist. Then again, it’s probably more fun being a Porn Star. Hmmm….. Rocket Scientist or Porn Star? Quick reality check. Not qualified for either lucrative career.

Step 5:

Enjoy your beer. This is the link. Please drink irresponsibly.

Step 6- 100:

Proof that this actually works is below. I was VERY cynical.


Bevrage Co., sent you $5.00 USD

Transaction ID: 8A865229WG151574B

Hello Kire Sydor,

Just thought you’d like to know Bevrage Co., sent you $5.00 USD.

Note from sender, Bevrage Co.,:
Thank you for saving with bevRAGE. This reward is for receipt # 199801
Get the details
Once the money’s there you can:
Spend the money online at thousands of stores that accept PayPal.
Transfer it to your bank account (takes 2-3 days).
Get a PayPal Debit MasterCard.

Don’t see the money in your account?

Don’t worry – sometimes it just takes a few minutes for it to show up.

Sender Information

Bevrage Co.,


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